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My Favorite Plugins for Chrome

I end up switching browsers almost every three years. I remember starting with Netscape, then moved onto KDE Konquerer, then Firefox and for the last two years I have been stuck to Google Chrome. 

What I love about the chrome browser are the numerous useful extensions that you can install to customize your browsing experience perfectly. In case you have not tried out chrome (which would make you one of the very few rare people who have not), you definitely should install it and take it for a run. I assure you that you will not be dissapointed.

Over the last few years there has been an explosion in the number of extensions/plugins that have hit the market. A lot of them are rubbish. However, there are quite a few new ones that have been extremely useful for me.

In no particular order

SEO Tools is a very useful tool when it comes to getting SEO information on your website.  You can highlight your domains in Google search, check the trend data in Search Console and check your social stats in Google Analytics.  

Website Analysis by WooRank gives you a single snapshot of various elements on your onpage seo for your website. The score lets you gauge who well your website is doing in relation to others and the tips are very helpful in plucking the low hanging fruit in Search engine optimization. The downside is that the data is limited unless you have a paid account. 

Domain Auction saves you hours finding great domains for your business and product websites. It integrates with GoDaddy, NameJet, SnapNames, DynaDot and Sedo and gives you an insane number of metrics to help decide which domain to buy. 

Firebug lets you get inside your code and helps you find tweaks that you can do to fix any issues your website design might have. This can be quite complicated for first timers. But trust me as you spend some time using it, you will realize that it is a "must have".

Awesome ScreenShot  lets you highlight sections of the page you want and take a quick screenshot of it. You can also annotate, markup or highlight any section of the screenshot. 

Stay Focused as its name suggests, lets you stay focussed on your current task by making sure you do not get distracted. It limits the time you spend on certain websites. No more time will you now be spending checking out those hacker news comments or random reddit browsing.